55 Gresham Street

2015 | London | UK

with Fletcher Priest Architects, London

Gresham Street involves the refurbishment and extension of an existing building in the City of London, within the Guildhall's immediate vicinity and a few minutes walk from the Bank of England. The scheme features a new and more prominent corner entrance and reception, remodelled cores, new services, and new façades.


'The design is characterised by its imaginative use of materials and historical references embedding the building within the urban context.The existing eight storey building has been fully refurbished and extended whilst retaining the structure. The floor space has been increased, with new terraces provided at levels 7 and 9, and a new glazed pavilion has replaced the existing plant on the roof affording spectacular views of St Paul’s Cathedral. The facade has been re-clad in composite stone more appropriate to the Gresham Street surroundings. Within the elegant stone framework, inset panels crafted in cast metal and glass references the history of Guilds in this part of London.'


A series of cast metal grasshoppers, inspired by Sir Thomas Gresham’s coat of arms, have been embedded within the architecture as well as in the interior design of the reception. Inspired by the intricate patterns of the grasshopper wing, the feature wall explores a contemporary reinterpretation of this motif through techniques such as casting and cnc-milling. The use of dark, warm, natural materials elevated through the use of metallic highlights and details, help the rest-rooms step away from the corporate aesthetic giving an overall natural, luxurious feel reminiscent of an upscale hotel.

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