key words: biomimicry, metamorphosis, cloak, iridescent, camouflage, caleidoscope, dynamic, psychedelic, programmatic linearity, evolution, progression.

2019 | Netherlands

The concept of the tent proposal is simple - inspired by the geometric form of the butterfly during its metamorphosis from larvae to winged adult, the design seeks to reinterpret the complexity of this nature-crafted shape. During the day, the reflective, iridescent cloak of the Chrysalis almost blends in with its surroundings, while at night the internal process of metamorphosis is made visible through a pattern of cyclical, colorful lights. 

Lowlands describes the graphics style of the festival as “a hallucinating illusion that fits festivals and music”. Our design is looking to reflect the same dynamic, ever-changing fluidity in the choice of material for the tent’s cloak. While an iridescent film/material would  be most suitable to translate the overall vision, alternative proposals could involve the use of emergency Mylar blankets.

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