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AWARD: 3rd PLACE, Concéntrico 05, the Logroño International Festival of Architecture and Design

2019 | Logrono | Spain

The proposal aims to bring together two quintessentially different elements: the wall as a symbol of strength, reliability and resilience, a celebration of the historical references still very much present across the site and the apex, as the embodiment of dynamism, versatility and forcefulness, a vertical response to balancing out the openness of the landscape.

We are therefore aiming to create a landmark pavilion, acting as a point of convergence for the routes crossing the site, while offering the visitor the opportunity for a moment of pause, enhanced by the feeling of total immersion with the existing environment. Our challenge lies therefore in finding the right aesthetic language that allows the design of an un-obtrusive, delicate structure, yet acting as a point of climax across the horizon line.

On a macro-scale, the apex will provide the general outline for the intervention’s formal definition while in close-up, the structural reinterpretation of the wall will refine and add another layer of complexity to the relationship between the visitor and the context of the vineyard through an unexpected visual experience.
The landscape remains visible through the pavilion, both from far away and nearby with the surrounding countryside redefined by the play of transparencies. When viewing it from above or below, however, it takes shape and appears more solid. On the other hand, those viewers that look from the inside of the structure to the outside, witness an abstract play of lines that reshapes the surrounding landscape.

From a technical point of view, we are interested to explore the idea of the mass-void relationship, of vertical and sequential weight distribution, and last but not least take on the challenge to maximize the use of the twenty plywood panels.

@ 2019

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