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"we specialise in delivering thoughtfully crafted residential architecture"


Hello. I’m Laura Visser - Minca and Atelier Umbra is my Netherlands-based architecture studio. We’re situated on the western coast of the province South Holland, bordering Zeeland in an area rich in windswept dunes, vibrant flora and wooded landscape.

We specialise in delivering thoughtfully crafted residential architecture, sensitive to local surroundings and finely in tune with the client's vision and practical needs. Whether a new residence, a special holiday hideaway or a weekend bolthole from which to explore the outdoors.

We are passionate about creating architecture in harmony with nature and its elements to counter the pressures of modern life. Enticing, bespoke houses and cabins which consider lifestyle demands while speaking directly to your well-being. An immediately restful space in which to restore energy and find balance.

To achieve this, Atelier Umbra’s work is defined by a continuous dialogue between contrasts - richness and restraint, softness and sharpness, light and shadow. We prioritise the balancing of natural light with the casting of natural shadows as an essential aspect of carving out the feeling of a space infused with depth, ambience and character. This ever-changing dynamic is so important to us, it sits at the origin of our studio name: Umbra (Latin) = shade / shadow.

The principles of “soft minimalism” fascinated me long before the trend emerged. Taking inspiration from our location and my deep-rooted love for the timeless simple aesthetics of Japanese and Scandinavian design, the simplicity of our architecture acquires softness and subtlety as it appreciates the needs of its inhabitants. You will experience a palette of sustainable construction materials, gently considered geometric transitions and moveable elements, variegated textures and muted colour tones, translated into beautiful, welcoming living spaces with an emphasis on connecting the inside with what lies outdoors. And because functionality should never be forgotten, optional features – from storage to wet rooms to home-working areas – are subtly integrated to enhance, not detract from, your comfort.

I’m excited to share our collections and the philosophy behind them to provide inspiration as you embark on your journey towards a customized retreat.

Whether you’re set on a new build or keen to remodel an existing property, go ahead and explore. I look forward to realising the possibilities with you.

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