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"we are committed to a ‘healthier’ approach to living"

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"Pare down to the essence, but don't remove the poetry." - Leonard Koren        


Our formula is simple - we thoughtfully create designs that act as a custom-made canvas to your routine and daily needs. Our design strategy aims to improve your everyday life by incorporating generous amounts of designated storage space, like integrated units to remove the inevitable clutter, carefully chosen objects and easy to maintain, durable surfaces. You can even consider an optional interior architecture package to help bring in soft furnishing touches that will suit the overall design in terms of layout, materiality and most importantly, your day-to-day requirements.

We believe a home should also be able to stay relevant, to adapt to changing circumstances. Together we will explore the creation of suitable auxiliary spaces that reflect your specific needs. Perhaps for a home office that affords temporary peace and seclusion, ready to be opened up when the work day is done. Or a flexible guest area to accommodate extra company. Or maybe a wet / drying room equipped to handle this region’s unpredictable weather and a growing family (pets or people) that loves the outdoors.


We are committed to a ‘healthier’ approach to living. From our selection of materials in terms of sourcing and manufacturing techniques, to minimizing wasteful construction practices and discouraging a throw-away approach to interior architecture and styling.

Architects have an incredible impact on the sustainability of an environment, deciding which materials and products will be used and how people will be able to interact with their surrounding spaces. By incorporating sustainable strategies into the design of the buildings, the interior decor, and the furniture, the gap between awareness and action becomes smaller and the progress towards a more holistic approach and mindful behaviour becomes more attainable.


The idea of minimalism is often confused with cold, polished, seamless and smooth surfaces. Our intention is to bring back its relationship with the earthy, imperfect and organic.  


Our overall design approach is inspired by the moment the geometric and organic organization of the form meet, by the physical joint where the sharp, precise and definite edge meets the soft, vague, and imperfect shape. The result is a structured, function-focused space, filled with warmth, natural textures, and character.


It is our goal not only to outline a design direction but also propose a way of life focused on the appreciation of the minor, humble details in our surroundings while cultivating an appreciation for the beauty of the unconventional, for the overlooked aspects of nature. Our material palettes are calming and the focus we give to the quality of architectural detailing is outstanding. Our mantra is simplicity as a basis for a new, pure beauty.

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