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"we specialize in connecting and re-connecting people to their surroundings "



This interior project was conceived as both functional and pleasant, starting with the precise planning of the layout. Taking into account the small footprint of the space, our goal was to first and foremost develop a clean, legible diagram in terms of circulation routes and programme distribution.

The reception desk, main circulation axis and privacy pods are arranged linearly, separating the space into two zones which respond to different degrees of privacy / public engagement.
Our interior approach in terms of materiality and textures was guided by sensory impressions and their meaningful role for an infant's experience: visual stimulation, lighting, scent, acoustics and touch. Overall, the background palette is pared back, light and calm through the use of natural wood and stone. Brass metallic accents in the lighting fixtures and flashes of deep green via indoor foliage and the reception wall uplift the quiet palette while enriching the concept behind the visual brand. Together, all these elements form an entity that is at once soft-spoken as well as stimulating and light-hearted, setting the scene for creating new memories.

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