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"we specialize in connecting and re-connecting people to their surroundings "

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For the interior renovation of this town centre apartment, we sought to strike a balance between the traditional volume of the existing shell and a contemporary yet warm interior.

Since the very beginning of the design stage, one of the main challenges was to harness and amplify the natural sunlight from the living room's existing wall of west-facing windows. The brightening of the space was achieved by replacing the current parquet flooring with lightened oak and using a rich palette of context-rooted textures and materials in order to blur the boundary between inside and out.

Throughout, the interior was designed with the idea of simplicity in mind but contemporary in attitude to both material and detail. Our main inspiration was rooted in the earthy tones of the existing brickwork and surrounding natural elements which we aimed to bring indoors through a range of soothing, subdued hues and vibrant accents. The open plan ground floor including the living area, work space, dining area and kitchen are visually defined through the combined use of colours, with terracotta, sage and sand forming the backdrop for each of these uses. Bespoke oiled oak furniture, gold metallic finishes, vibrant-coloured furnishings and natural fibre floor coverings bring depth and complexity to the setting, in line with the client's vision of a soft, relaxing yet playful space.


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