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"we specialize in connecting and re-connecting people to their surroundings "

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The brief was to transform the interior and exterior of the property to make it function better as a family home—our main goal as architects aimed to consolidate and reorganise the interior to improve connections between the spaces. Imposing as little as possible on the current architectural character of the house and the surrounding area stood also at the forefront of our approach.  

The design process was focused on creating better interaction between living spaces through a more open-plan living arrangement, and increasing the passage of daylight throughout the floorplan. A material palette comprising chalky walls, oak flooring, brass hardware and oversized rugs creates a muted backdrop that allows the clients' art collection to take centre stage.Natural light, high ceilings and lighter tones of materiality in the kitchen enhance the user experience, while the lower ceiling and darker tonality of the dining area create a more atmospheric space for eating.

Sliding doors can be opened to connect the living and dining spaces on either side. The dining and kitchen area can also be opened up to the garden by retracting the concertinaed glass doors lining this space. The refurbishment of the existing building sought to restore the formal arrangement of internal spaces, whilst making them suitable for modern living.

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