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HOSUE RENOVATION  |  Schouwen Duiveland

For this facade renovation project, we were commissioned to prepare a set of artist impressions, aimed at helping the clients visualise the different variations possible in terms of materiality and style.


What are the advantages of using this service before starting the renovation works on site?

  • An accurate architectural illustration can inform decisions on materials and finishes before materials are purchased, allowing changes to be made without incurring additional costs.

  • Photo-realistic artist impressions help clients and other parties see what a project will look like before the building starts, with accurate depictions of materials and finishes.

  • High-quality artist’s impressions show a building in its environment, with landscaping giving an accurate idea of what the finished property will look like.

  • Architectural illustrations can be created to allow viewing from different angles - walk-throughs, fly-rounds and animations can be produced in various styles.

As architects, we understand the needs of our clients and have developed a keen eye for detail. We choose unique viewpoints and compositions while capturing specific lighting and atmpsphere settings, color variations and textures. This is why, our visuals have become a powerful tool that perfectly communicates your story.

Are you also planning a renovation of your home and would like a clear picture of the final result?

Contact us to discuss your vision.

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