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"we specialize in connecting and re-connecting people to their surroundings "

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Nestled in the area of Kamperland and within walking distance from the wide-spanning beaches of Noord-Beveland, this holiday house extension and renovation project is inspired by the client’s love for the existing structure, which formed the backbone of our design explorations.

The need for a more spacious living area and a more efficient layout inspired us to extend the floorplan and create an additional loft area by raising the height of the overall structure. The sloping roof unifies the key spaces at different floors and the outdoors. The line of the roof eave becomes a visual reference for the interior spaces, as well as a line that frames the exterior views like a picture window.

To respond to the home's existing character, we propose a gutterless system - the generous, cantilevered eaves become sun-resistant canopies, creating shade during the summer, while allowing the rainwater to filter straight into the ground. The space beneath the eaves bacomes the point where the indoors meet the outdoors, capping the double-volume living spaces lining up along the long frontage as well as a cosy loft space.

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