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2012 | Havana | Cuba

PROJECT TEAM: Cris Gieske | Leonardo Laguardia | Max Holstein | Laura Minca

Project developed as part of the 3rd Caribbean Winter School in Havana, Cuba, organized by Munster School of Architecture (Germany), in partnership with Universitat Politèchnica de Catalyna (Barcelona), University CUJAE (Havana), and Technion Institute of Technology (Israel).

The project’s brief focused on the redesign of a local community centre, aiming for the existing crafts such as pottery and metal works to be reintegrated in the every-day life of the locals. Located in the neighborhood of Pilar, the re-designed facility is intended to create a platform for neighbours, children, adults and the elderly to carry out social, educational and cultural activities while encouraging the engagement with the residing artists. Self-designed and cast ceramic tiles form a homogeneous skin around the structure of the building contributing towards an ever-changing facade that mirrors the crafting skills of the community.

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