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"we specialize in connecting and re-connecting people to their surroundings "

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Hidden in the heart of the forest and overlooking a lake, the 'lantern' cabin is meant to be pure and simple in form, and yet particularly versatile in terms of its relationship to the immediate surroundings. As the sun goes down and the night slowly sets in, the glow of the artificial light in combination with the warm tones of the interior seeps through the slatted shutters, creating a 'lantern'-like effect.

The layout is compact, including on the ground floor an entryway with storage, a petite kitchen, dining area, living room and shower room. Inside, the play on light and shadow continues across the cosy office area, located at the front of the cabin. Dark wooden latticework discretely filters the natural light into the space, creating ever-changing shadow patterns across the natural cedar-wood surfaces of the interior. The fully glazed south façade opens towards the lake and is equipped with movable window shutters, meaning that both views and sunlight can be controlled by the visitor. The sleeping loft can be accessed through a wooden ladder and overlooks the tree canopy.

Externally, the façade combines two different rhythms: the ground level volume is wrapped in horizontal, black-painted larch slats (also expressed in the design of the folding shutters) while the taller volume is dressed in the same wooden slats, but arranged vertically. This way, the daytime appearance of a somewhat monolithic, compact dark structure is challenged in the evening as the cabin becomes a beacon of light, a place of refuge in the middle of the wilderness. 

Internally, the space reflects a minimal Nordic home, prioritized for comfort and design. The cabin interiors are clad in red cedar-wood, bringing warmth to the structure and evoking a connection to the trees surrounding the site. Highly-textural, non-assuming materials such as the jute in both pendant lamps and rugs are meant to balance smooth surfaces such as the resin floors, while black metallic fixtures create a discrete connection to the darkness of the exterior cladding.

The overall symmetrical design, combined with the inside/outside material contrast, create a sense of balance. Its small footprint, natural materials and quiet presence fit respectfully within the environment, adding to the already abundant beauty of its surroundings.

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