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2019 | Ouddorp | the Netherlands

in partnership with Van Kooten Architectuur, Ouddorp

House AP is a one-level refurbishment project that seeks to complement the re-designed architectural volume and layout, to maximise the use of floor space and re-define its entire atmosphere by taking inspiration from the muted tones and vibrant textures of the Dutch coastline.

The new palette of materials includes prefinished plywood linings, natural fabrics and prints, concrete flooring and an overall 1960s vibe for the loose furniture, carpets and styling elements.


Carfully designed built-in plywood furniture wraps around the perimeter of the main living area, shifting its use from a shelf, to a window bench and to a cupboard which finally becomes a separation wall - thus, the boundary between the different living areas is blurred while creating an overall feeling of unity. The project maximises the affordable beauty and durability of this material while creating an interior imbued with texture and warmth.

The entire project was realised in BIM modelling software.

@ 2020

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