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"we specialize in connecting and re-connecting people to their surroundings "

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This cabin has been designed to blend into the vibrant landscape of the meadow during the summer months and stand out during the cold season as a cosy place of refuge for those inhabiting it. The hideaway explores the essence of retreat and reconnection to nature, reconciled in a finely-crafted, minimalist and yet playful contemporary silhouette. 

Spatially, the 'cooking/living, eating' and 'services/auxiliary areas' (wet room, staircase, entrance, cloakroom) are organized linearly to maximize the use of the small footprint and create efficient circulation routes. Large windows and sliding doors open up the interior to nature and the upper floor contains the sleeping loft, accessible via a wooden ladder.

In an attempt to create a powerfully memorable visual diagram, the two interlocking volumes are each clad in contrasting materials, both of which are well-known for weathering beautifully: cedar-wood vertical slats and corten steel panelling. The two parallel glass sliding doors afford views throughout the structure and into the distance, while the deep wooden slats across the first level of the structure create a less permeable visual barrier, one that opens and closes gradually, depending on the viewer's visual angle.

Central to the brief was the idea of designing the building as a piece of furniture, with the storage, sleeping, seating and cooking areas effectively built-in. The only loose pieces of furniture are the table and set of chairs, which can be left inside or moved to the decking area for an outdoor eating experience. The effect of the vertical wooden fins is carried through in the design of the interior, acting as a visual separator between the living room and kitchen areas. The metallic copper accents in the open shelving, backsplash and cabinetry handles are aimed to bring inside the steel cladding's warmth/ textural richness and vibrancy, while a neutral, monochrome palette has been introduced for all lighting fixtures and soft furnishings.

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