Meadow House

2019 | Ouddorp | the Netherlands

The first of the 'Simple Living' series and still a work in progress, the design seeks to step away from the permanence of traditional architecture and look further into developing a 'tiny' house prototype, with a 100sqm footprint, that would impose as little as possible on the existing terrain and surroundings. The simple, toned-down backdrop of the interior combined with a palette of rich, yet un-pretentious textures, complement and make the most of the modest footprint both visually and spatially.

The aim of the series is to define the framework for a low-impact daily life, one that is based on self-sufficiency and renewable solutions – thus generating minimal emissions.

The house aims to blend into its surroundings, offering an alternative environment for a relaxing getaway from the everyday life, where visitors have the chance to wind down and distance themselves from their daily routines.

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