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"the personal touch we add to every project sets us apart"



For each architecture category, our involvement spans across the following stages:

  • Initial Consultation, Pre-Design & Site Analysis: “we meet and define the purpose and basic requirements for the project, known as the brief. We discuss the site conditions and features (views, solar exposure and winds), the governmental restrictions and requirements.”

  • Schematic Design: “we establish the conceptual design, scale and relationship among spaces.”

  • Planning Applications: “we ensure the design meets the local regulations and we assist you throughout the planning application process.”

  • Design Development: “once a scheme is agreed, we develop the rough sketch into a working set of plans and elevations.”

  • Construction Documents: “we refine the drawings and draft a set of specifications that will be used in the construction process”

  • Bidding and Negotiation: “we send the drawings package to various contractors and help you in the decision-making process of selecting the one that best suits your expectations.”

  • Project Management & Contract Administration: “we observe construction to assure the project is built according to the drawings and specifications.”


  • Additional Services: record/survey drawings, cabinetry elevations, electrical schematics.

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